Wednesday, February 2, 2011

and from the sky, she speaks to me...

Well. Not that I don't love my blog to pieces, but there is so little to do here even with the electricity still on.  Or, perhaps, it's because the electricity is still on and the internet is still working that I'm so reluctant to leave my laptop. You see, I live in a certain part of the world which was previously known as the Sunshine State (ergo, Queensland). However, in the wake of the last few weeks, perhaps Apocalyptica would have been more appropriate than its replacement - "The Smart State" (especially considering we Queenslanders are more known for our beer-drinking habits than our intellect). This is especially true considering going to the bottleo was a major preparation for the incoming cyclone - the checklist was pretty much "Batteries? Check. Water bottles? Check. Canned food? Check. Booze? Check". I'm not exaggerating either - the car park at Dan Murphy's was more packed than Australia day...

It's about 6:30pm here, and the wind is kind of ridiculous. I could the damage not in dollars, number of people injured, etc.; but rather, in the number of palm trees we've lost. It currently stands at 2 (we lost the same amount in all of Cyclone Larry) but this is meant to go on for another day or so... Naturally, Cyclone Yasi is pouting and swinging her hips; she's such a little Media Whore. The news stations are making such a big fuss, dramatic music included, and seem to have dug up everyone and their pet rock collection to interview on Television-

-Hold on. So, originally, it was meant to hit Cairns, then Innisfail, Cardwell, and now is headed towards Tully - i.e. further south and closer towards Townsville (my place). Everyone's been harping on about how its course has been "unnaturally straight", but reality states otherwise: everyone in Townsville is slowly getting that massive sweat drop at their temples - the one all anime characters seem to have as they get increasingly nervous.

It's pretty - I'll give you that. It kind of makes me wish I was married, I mean, you get an excuse to spend a day with your significant other in ridiculously close quarters, and, ahem, there are ways to save space. You get an excuse to have a romantic candlelit dinner, or watch a movie (only if you have a MacBook Pro, the rest have shit battery life) and so on.

Here's some pictures to keep you entertained.

Ross River, 1/2/11

My new greenhouse, in my ex-lounge room
Cyclone preparations - where having an all-glass dining room is suddenly not so fun.
So, I guess I'm going to get back to watching 7 news revise old information, wait for the electricity and phone to go out, and hug Grimm's Fairytales close to my chest. It seems to be appropriate reading for tonight.

Song List

  1. Adrian Johnson - Orphans of the Storm (Brideshead Revisited theme song)
  2. Boy & Bear - The Rain
  3. Mumford and Sons - Timshel
  4. DeVotchKa - Vengo! Vengo!
  5. The Jezabels - Dark Storm
  6. The National - Mile Water Wall
  7. School of Seven Bells - Windstorm
  8. The Hold Steady - Citrus
  9. Passion Pit - Swimming in the Flood