Friday, April 22, 2011

she saw the water-lily bloom.

Day 10- The first novel you remember reading: The Snow Spider by Jenny Nimmo

I'm going to swap this around a touch, because the first novel I remember reading is the same as the one that got me into reading... awkward. Anyway, this is another book that I remember cherishing when young. I read so much that a lot of them are blurred into one giant blurry book with multiple plotlines and numerous heroes. (All the sidekicks got eaten by dragons.)
I think it's partially because myths and folk stories are my thing. Obviously everyone's grown up on King Arthur stories to some extent, but my obsession lasted for almost half a decade. I've always had some sort of novel retelling in hand/in my bookshelf/under my pillow/on my beside table/on my dining table/in my bag/yougettheidea. This is one of the special ones because it diverted me from the dark ages and threw me into an age of the omnipotent and whimsical. It made me fall in love with this country for its shadowy past hidden in frosted breaths and snow, and green that's just a little greener and darker than the rest of the world.

10. A "Classic" Song Everybody Seems To Like But You

No words. Really. Enough said.

But if you really want an explanation - we have this club at university (i.e. Uni Club) and for some reason unknown to the world, 11pm seems to signal classics hour. It starts with Grease Megamix and ends on this with the whole crowd of bogans screeching in happiness. 

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