Sunday, April 10, 2011

procrastinators unite... tomorrow!

Decided to do one of those 30 day challenges because I have nothing better to do with my life.... just because. It's going to be a mash up - like that episode of Glee where Gwenyth Paltrow did her thing and what's his face the cute teacher was all dorky and once again expressed his desire to have been alive in the 40's when musicals were all the rage. Except, not as good, because I don't have a musical production crew worth a couple of million to put them together perfectly. Hell, I don't even have an editor, so we're just going to have to stick them together with that good ol' copy-paste techique, and all the stitches will be bared for you to see.

Day 1: Your favourite book.
This was so goddamn hard to pick, it's not funny. In fact, I've managed to relegate most of my other favourites to other parts of this challenge thingy. This was almost going to be day... 17? In the end, it won out simply because this is where I want to be - in England, in the 1940s, where there's all this decadence in the face of a post-war depression... but hey, at least the men are home, and the women can preen and they can all fake pretence, with silky glances and diamond eyes. They can try not to fall madly in love like they did at 19, because they left their naivety on the floors of those oxford rooms, in the rose-bushes of those great manors, in the trenches and in the hospitals and all they've got left is their ability to survive. 

Day 1: your favourite song

The Blower's Daughter by Damien Rice

It's not because I listen to this song every day on repeat or anything. I did once, though. I had a couple of people associate this song with me, and I never seemed to realise how much I loved it until they told me. This song means as much to me now as it did when I first watched Closer, which is going back a few years. And it's perfect for those sunset-driven moments, like this:
She wants to belong to the sky, again - Hollis Sigler
Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago 
(I first saw this when I was 14, almost 15. We were in Chicago, and running late, and I was whining so we got to have a momentary run in at the Museum of Contemporary Art but I had to get a souvenir, so I got to pick one thing... It was hell getting it back to Australia unbent but it hung crookedly on my wall for years.)

- "no hero in her sky/can't take my eyes off you..."

Reason 2# I have this tiny crush on Damien Rice. And his gorgeous Irish accent, and the way he introduces his live version of Delicate:

Day 1 done. I'll have to find another way of procrastinating before I actually start this assignment...

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