Saturday, April 9, 2011


Friday nights - a free for all for normal people, but if you're an mk (med kid), these can be spent in a variety of places: bludger's (our local uni bar, you can learn all about the mating rituals of the young and the petty/ hepatotoxicity here!), your room on college, your floor, someone else's floor, at the med palace, or, my personal favourite - the comp labs. So, surprisingly enough, managed to venture out of my little cave, get dressed not to shabbily (in clothes, even), grab some friends and make it to this swish new venue in the city. Cereal Box - a strange name, which, without fail, always manages to makes me feel like I should be seriously nomming on some cocoa pops/fruit loops/assorted kids' cereal with brightly coloured box and watching Saturday Disney. I don't know whether to identify it as painfully hip or painfully artsy, but it's this kitschy mixture of gorgeousness and dreams that I'm coming back to. This is part is due to the fact that it has the comfiest bean bags in the world (perfect place to read Rang and Dale - i.e. learn about drugs that affect the autonomic nervous system) and also because they have glasses of champagne for $3. On a Friday Night. Not gonna lie, but that's kind of awesome.

Anyway, the whole reason for this shindig, was the launch of Woods, an album by Elle Graham. Miss Graham is this incredibly talented, incredibly good looking, and incredibly kind girl I went to school with. She's kind of crazy and bubbly and artistic and perfect and you could try so hard to hate her, but it's pretty much impossible, so don't even try. The folks at Cereal Box had it decked out dreamily with silk-spun sheer glossamer threads spun and aligned into these fantastical curtains, with rustic dream-catchers catching on flighty threads; and the colours were a scrambled heap of jig-saw pieces sliding along the fabric. It gave off the promise of something safe and comfortable - a preteen dream - but it was so goddamn cool that I decided that very moment to come back with a toothbrush and move in. Paper snowflakes gravitated in the air and rustled across the floor, meandering across innocent toes with some rascally hand-made material leaves. The Av guys were spectacular - there were shadowy trees scattered across the wall... and Elle topped it all off with this decadent hood of velvet and crimson hung a little carelessly over her shoulders. Her keyboard is this bright scarlet, and it was gleaming in the dimness of the room as she launched into her first song (albeit, with a few restarts). After her set finished, we went out to mingle, but really, it was an excuse to head to the wee marketplace out the front of the venue. I picked up her CD (a gift) and EP, as well as this nifty little melted record bowl... and a vintage skirt, because I couldn't resist. The night was perfect.

So, I've pretty much avoided describing how the music is, and it's because if I said it was like if the girl from the xx and Bon Iver had a love child with Elton John, you'd be all whatthe! But remember - my brain works in strange ways. I'll just link you and you will listen and adore this. I adore Sway and Doll house. It's the kind of stuff you listen to in the early morning and it stays with you until late afternoon, and all you can do is read and drink tea in your garden. Speaking of which, brace yourselves, fellow Townsvillians - we may be finally be heading into winter (it's almost 25 degrees celcius at night time!)

yes, this is the nifty skirt. It's sthooosoo pretty.

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