Tuesday, April 12, 2011

From the tips of my feet...

Day 3: A Book That Completely Surprised You

I read this mainly because I'm pretty sure it was recommended on the back of some other book- 

- and I was dying to read something. It could have possibly been on Dymock's Top 101 too, and that's what is actually surprising - seldom are decent books actually loved by the populace. Especially considering that very same populace voted yesterday's book into the top 10. Seriously, you can't trust public opinion (they also voted JG in, but that's a completely different, tragic story for a later date). 

Plot: Small, elite college + murder + greek language class = potential for tragedy. Think about what comes to mind when you think blue-bloods or ancient greek/roman aristocracy. Think Caligula too, even though he's not greek, but that'll give you a heads up on what's going to happen. Her (I can't bring myself to write "Tartt" without giggling - I'm immature, so sue me) writing is intense, purposeful and seductive.  

3. A Song You Like That No-One Else Seems To

DeVotchKa - How It Ends

I was going to pick some sort of DeVotchKa song, mainly because I seem to be the only other person I know who loves them so. I mean, if you look at Last.fm, there's at least 270,446 other listeners... but then most of them probably jumped on the bandwagon after that movie came out about that little girl, you know, the one with the yellow trailer? It had a teh indy soundrack, from what I can remember; I've never actually seen it. Or Juno, for that matter - they just seem to be trying so hard for some street cred. Going back to my original point about DeVotchKa - the other one that came close was Such A Lovely Thing:
It's the crazy violins colliding with trumpets and the crescendos, spinning until you're left dancing haplessly in your room, windows open, for all the world to see. It's the way you feel infused with life, character - in that moment, you are infinite, omnipotent, kind of the way Charlie Sheen must feel when he's banging those 7 gram rocks, except this is so goddamn pure

It's like this nifty little machine. Go on, click the link. It's so empowering. I believe the conversation I had after finding out about it went a little something like this:

Me: god I feel like I'm on the verge of some musical breakthrough, loaded up with shitloads of power and no talent whatsoever.

Mark: Screw med...let's become rainbow DJs.

Me: we need some really cool german sounding name that no one can pronounce but us. (I already have fuck off massive headphones)

So just click the goddamn link! I wish blogspot had reblogging capabilities. Wahhh.

Speaking of things that make you want to move:

An infusion of cute: 

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