Friday, April 15, 2011

You never mean what you say - why don't you say what you mean?

Day 05- A Non-fiction book that you actually enjoyed
 When I saw this... my face pretty much resembled the following picture:
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Seriously, who reads non-fiction books any way? When I think non-fiction, I think Encylopaedias. I think Atlases and Charles Darwin's Origin of the Species and the Bible. In fact, when I was 8, I was the geekiest little kid who used to enjoy reading that stuff (bar Origin of the Species, that's when I was 13 or so). I knew all the capitals of everything ever simply because when you're an only child, it's read, sleep or eat. Socialising doesn't occur to the introverted brain.

I guess all those years spent meandering through Dymocks and 'reorganising' the Non-fiction section eventually kicked...

This is something I received for my 16th birthday (if memory serves me), from a dear friend who appreciates my love for languages (though they may not love me).

for instance, drachenfutter [drack-uhn-foot-er] (noun): Meaning "dragon fodder", this is the offering husbands make to their wives - breathing raging fire at the cave entrance - when they've stayed out late or have otherwise engaged in some kind of inappropriate behaviour. (You know, like Prince Frederick shimmying up to that blonde. Not on when your wife's just had twins, Freddy.)

It's full of lovely words, awkward thoughts, some things that we just can't translate, no matter how many times you try to transliterate it.

Day 5-  A Song You Believe Has Great Lyrics

 A Perfect Sonnet - by Bright Eyes

Conor Oberst is the master of stringing together meaningful, fragile song lyrics - I would even go so far to say he's the best lyricist in our life time. As for his solo work under his own name, he probably used up all his creativity in Fevers and Mirrors. I don't know whether it's because he was incredibly sprung out or... whatever, just thinking of the way his brain works makes me think of Lithium carbonate, or something.

What gets me: So I stand in the sun and I breathe with my lungs/Trying to spare myself the weight of the truth

Sure, this isn't the best example, but as you work through his songs, you'll be struck by the elegance of his work.

Until next time.

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