Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Patterns of fairytales.

"Where is day 15?" you ask. Rules were made for breaking, after all. I'm a freedom fighter, a rebel against the system. I fight for a just and true cause- and nothing ever said we had to do this thing in order...

Day 16: Favorite book turned movie – Stardust

This book is beautiful. It's fragile and witty and addictive. The main characters are timeless but strangely naive, and that makes them all the more adorable. Gaiman's plot is seamless in its quirky world, tethered by the fringes to ours, yet so unique in it's own right. He spins off artefacts and ideas, all the while making them seem completely normal (e.g. Babylon Candles - how did we not realise they transport you from one place to another).  

The movie is hilarious - it captures Gaiman's unique outlook on life. I personally love how Tristan goes from pretentious, trying terribly hard to impress the local blonde-haired, brainless beauty-

-to this chance meeting. Serendipitous, don't you think?

Speaking of dreams, I finally got the chance to have a peek inside this wonderful little shop on Mt Albert Road. I drive past it pretty much every day when I'm in Auckland, and have done so for the last year. Dad finally relented...

Can you see those beautiful turrents?

Day 16: A Good Song That Does Get A Little Repetitive - 

self-explanatory, really.

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