Wednesday, April 13, 2011

mind. blown.

Day 04- A Book that reminds you of home – My Mistress’s Sparrow is Dead

Hmmm. How to explain this? Jeffrey Eugenides is a genius - that fact is irrefutable. The fact that he's editing this means that 1) it's eclectic 2) it's honest and 3) it'll pull at that tiny organ you have stuck in the left side of your chest. And it did. I spent so freaking long hunting for this book online, countless hours pouring over the pros and cons of amazon vs. every other book site. I specifically wanted this cover, as opposed to the other, more hideous, scary covers out there. The american cover is especially terrible, so much so that it doesn't get capitalised. One day, I happened to go to the mall and walk into this independently owned (read: overpriced) bookshop that I like the idea of, but seldom go into. Bam! There it was on the shelf, in its suprisingly reasonably priced glory (I don't think they realised this copy was out of print as of, like, yesterday) AND IT FOUND ITS WAY INTO MY ARMS.  I've read this and re-read this, and poured over every word lovingly, sprawled across my bed/hanging half off my computer chair, sitting next to the window on a European cushion... you get the idea. So this is mine. And I'll love it forever.

Day 4 -  A Song That Uses Weird Noises Well

Okay, so, Holy Fuck. Hmmm. My dear friend Coffee, Cupcakes and Catecholamines has this penchant for liking crazy experimental/post-rock/noise/ambient stuff, even back in high school. I think the first song I heard was "Lovely Allen", and was induced into this hazy mindset, just listening. It's honestly like LSD for your ears, and somehow melts through your brain so you see stuff like this:
Source: lanalog
  or, more like this:
(The Mighty Boosh is weird and dizzying and wonderful, and half the time you're not sure if you have the plot right but it's okay because Vince probably doesn't either.)

I was lucky enough to see Holy Fuck live this year, which is probably why they came to mind for today's theme. I stood there for about an hour, wondering what the fuck was going on, and how they could possibly make those sounds from... the bits of junk that littered the stage. I came to Laneway fond of several of the bands, but left enamoured with pretty much the whole line-up. The energy that they have is incredible.

And now that I've mentioned hallucinogens, I think I'll actually go study anti-psychotics like I'm meant to. Goddamn, this entry took me forever.

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  1. I think you've mentioned that book to me before but I never got around to reading it. Birthday present?