Monday, April 11, 2011

Edward is creepy

Day 2: A Book That You Hate

I know this is obvious, but clearly, I'm not the only sane person left in the world. Alex, here, agrees:

If he doesn't sum it up, there is only one other thing that will. Another reason to hate Twilight, apart from the fact that Stephenie Meyer is a money-hungry mongrel, is the fact that reading her writing is painful. Really,  Reasoning with Vampires says it best:

I want to give her a sign that says "GRAMMAR POLICE! Stop Typing" to flash in Meyer's face whenever she contemplates writing another word.

Day 2: A Song That Can Always Calm You Down
 Girraffes? Girraffes! - A Quick One, While She's Away

I have no idea why, actually. It reminds me of driving, and of sunsets, and the feeling that everything's going to be fine. It's the equivalent of someone giving you a cosmic musical cupcake, like this:
Picture from Coco Cake

Okay. Scleroderma. Drugs. I got this.

*headwall* *goes back to thinking about assignment*

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